The new CNC bed milling machine is operational

Our new bed milling machine is operational. It has a reach of 3000 (X) x 1000 (Y) x 1100 (Z) mm. The milling head is CNC adjustable by 2.5° in all directions. Send us quickly your price request:


We invest in a new teach-in lathe

The machine was presented at the AMB fair in Stuttgart and was now installed in Beerse!

This highly accurate lathe allows to turn workpieces with a diameter of Ø1000 mm and a length of up to 4000 mm. The machine is equipped with an 8-fold automatic revolver for the clamping of the tool holders. Thanks to the driven tools, drilling and milling operations are also possible in one tension. This only benefits the accuracy! Programming the machine is done with the latest Heidenhain MANUALplus 620 HSCI Touch control.

Are you looking for a supplier for the production of workpieces, accurately edited according to your specifications? Mail or call just 014/61.50.43. We are happy to give more info and make a suitable quote for you.


Insert all of your internal and external slots and splines

Many workpieces are finished with a slot, a square hole or a spline. Operations that you often spend or use to which you resort to wire or zinc sparks.

Beerse Metaalwerken invested in a CNC-controlled stitch machine. We edit parts to Ø800 mm and a workpiece height of 400 mm. Slots up to 36 mm width.

Some examples:

  • straight internal slots
  • conical slots
  • multiple slots
  • blind stitches
  • external slots
  • square holes
  • hexagonal holes
  • internal and external splines
  • special slots, tailor-made

Send your drawing to: . We are happy to view the possibilities with you!


COVID-19 measures for visitors

We like to receive visitors at Beerse Metaalwerken, both customers and suppliers. Unfortunately it must slow down now. Therefore a few rules.

Visitors exclusively and limited by appointment

  • Unless for deliveries
  • And for collections by professional customers

Please always sign up via door phone or call

  • And wait for an answer

Social distancing

  • Always keep 1.5 m away, there is sufficient space at Beerse Metaalwerken everywhere
  • We don’t shake hands for the moment
  • At entrances and exits and narrow passages: respect the priority rule: outgoing traffic has priority;On stairs: descending traffic has priority

Mask obligation

  • For contacts with our employees

In case of a toilet visit

  • Wash always your hands with water and soap, use the paper wipes

Delivery vouchers

  • Draw remote delivery vouchers

Take care of yourself and for each other!


Renewal VCA* certificate

Beerse Metaalwerken has renewed its VCA* certificate. VCA stands for Safety Checklist Contractors, a questionnaire about the safety management system where every question must be answered positively. Beerse Metaalwerken was one of the first metal processing companies that also used the safety system for the activities on the workplace. Logical! Working safely is our priority on site, at the customer and in the workplace in Beerse.

The certificate is valid until January 2024.

For more information: or use the contact form.



A new product range: C22


Beerse Metaalwerken expands its product range. C22 is the brand name for a series of customized products made from the nickel alloy 2,4602. Other norm indications are NiCr21Mo14W or Alloy 22. This material is produced by various manufacturers such as Haynes (Hastelloy) and Böhler (L022). C22 is particularly hard and is resistant to various acids. C22 can be welded and mechanically edited by Beerse Metaalwerken. Applications are countless: tube and hose couplings such as Cam Locking couples and ferrules, piping and chemical equipment. Beerse Metaalwerken is engineering and produces customized products and to the wishes of the customer. Be sure to contact:

View below a model of a female cam lock coupling. You don’t have to download a program. Just with your mouse over it.


C22 also has other meanings. For example, it is a traffic sign in Belgium: “Prohibited access for drivers from autocars”. In the Netherlands, C22 is a prohibition sign “closed for vehicles dangerous substances”.


Vacancy CNC-miller

Working at Beerse Metaalwerken.

Beerse Metaalwerken is looking for a CNC-miller. Do you have a degree in mechanical design or CNC machine tools? Do you have several years of experience

Beerse Metaalwerken is looking for a CNC miller. Do you have a degree in mechanical design or CNC machine tools? Do you have several years of experience in programming and working with CNC milling machines (preferably with Heidenhain control)? Are you looking for a job where you independently make your workpieces? Do you prefer prototypes rather than serial work? Please contact Beerse Metaalwerken immediately. Send your resume to or use the contact form. Meeting you soon!


Summer 2022

Thinking of summer?

Also in Summer Beerse Metaalwerken remains at your disposal! Call or send an email. Your usual contacts will be available.
Only on july 21th and 22th, and on august 15th we take a short break.