COVID-19 measures for visitors

We like to receive visitors at Beerse Metaalwerken, both customers and suppliers. Unfortunately it must slow down now. Therefore a few rules.

Visitors exclusively and limited by appointment

  • Unless for deliveries
  • And for collections by professional customers

Please always sign up via door phone or call

  • And wait for an answer

Social distancing

  • Always keep 1.5 m away, there is sufficient space at Beerse Metaalwerken everywhere
  • We don’t shake hands for the moment
  • At entrances and exits and narrow passages: respect the priority rule: outgoing traffic has priority;On stairs: descending traffic has priority

Mask obligation

  • For contacts with our employees

In case of a toilet visit

  • Wash always your hands with water and soap, use the paper wipes

Delivery vouchers

  • Draw remote delivery vouchers

Take care of yourself and for each other!